Dr Roman Cregg (2009)

Dr Roman Cregg is an Academic Clinical Fellow based at the University College London Centre for Anaesthesia. He qualified with Honours in 1998 from Lviv State Medical University, Ukraine.

In 2008 Roman was awarded Research Fellowship grant by the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia. His PhD project is called ?Molecular mechanisms of human pain.? (http:www.niaa.org.uk/index.asp?PageID=134). Roman is looking into the gain of function as well as loss of function mutations associated with dramatic pain phenotypes. In addition, he is exploring subtle differences in human pain perception and variability in response to known analgesics.

Roman is coordinating Centre for Anaesthesia UCL development and exchange project in his home country ? Ukraine (http:www.anaesthesiaconference.kiev.ua/) with continuing sponsorship from AAGBI (http:www.aagbi.org/grants/travel.htm ), WFSA, Ukrainian Ministry of Health and partners from the industry.

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