Prof David Napier (2010)

A. David Napier is Professor of Medical Anthropology at University College London, Director of the University?s Centre for Applied Global Citizenship, and lead on its new Science, Medicine, and Society initiative?a think tank devoted to the relationship between university research and public outreach in health and medicine. His special areas of interest are in health-care delivery and human wellbeing, caring for ethnically diverse populations, and creativity in scientific practice. He has also published on law and anthropology, and intellectual property and biodiversity, being the author of five books and numerous book chapters, articles, and editorials. For his work with more than 100 charities and NGOs, the UK government and research councils awarded him the University?s first Beacon Fellowship in Public Engagement. Professor Napier is involved in a number of applied research projects examining creativity in scientific practice, and the application of new technologies to health-care delivery. He is an inventor of medical devices and, as time permits, a consultant on vulnerable populations in the aftermath of natural and human disasters, having worked for, among others, Merlin UK, The United Nations, and the International Organization for Migration.
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