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Deltex Medical is a UK company and the world leader in haemodynamic monitoring measuring flow directly. We have developed and now manufacture and market the CardioQ?, the world?s leading oesophageal Doppler monitor (ODM).

The CardioQ? uses a range of small diameter, easy-to-use, minimally invasive, disposable oesophageal probes to transmit and receive an ultrasound signal. CardioQ detects changes in flow in the descending thoracic aorta, immediately and accurately giving beat-to-beat real time cardiac output and flow information ? instantaneous information for immediate intervention. New probes launched this week are specifically designed for post-operative monitoring of awake patients in critical care.

The CardioQ? allows clinicians to optimise vascular filling in critical care and during surgery (?targeted volume management?) reducing post-operative complications, improving patient outcomes and reducing length of hospital stay.

This is supported by multiple randomised controlled trials published in leading peer reviewed journals, covering a wide range of major surgery. It has been shown to be effective laparoscopic surgery and as part of enhanced recovery programmes.

The first clinical meta-analysis of the evidence supporting peri-operative ODM was presented in 2006: it concluded that ODM reduced length of stay by 3 days per patient.

USA moves to implement ODM as a standard of care

In May the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services declared ODM ?reasonable and necessary? for all patients requiring fluid management in surgery and ventilated patients in ICU. See www.cms.hhs.gov/mcd/viewdraftdecisionmemo.asp?id=196

This decsion was based on a health technology assessment by the US Government?s Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality which concluded that the evidence is ?strong? that ODM reduces major complications, total complications and lengths of stay. See www.cms.hhs.gov/mcd/viewtechassess.asp?where=index&tid=45

To make CardioQ? a standard of care in your hospital, please visit our stand, email info@deltexmedical.com, call 0845 085 0001 or visit www.deltexmedical.com.

Deltex Medical provides a comprehensive package of support ranging from product demonstrations to business case preparation and presentation and a lifetime commitment to clinical training.


The only intra-operative monitor proven in multiple RCTs to reduce complications and shorten hospital stay.

The only intra-operative monitoring technology subject to a positive meta-analysis and independent HTA
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